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Is the laser technology in the PCB cutting market mature

Time:2018/12/18Source:Shenzhen yeisn electronic Co., Ltd.
With the transformation and upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry as a whole, in the PCB circuit board segmentation market, people have put forward higher requirements for the quality of PCB products. The traditional PCB sub-board equipment is mainly processed by the cutter, milling cutter and boring tool. There are many disadvantages such as dust, burr and stress, which have a great influence on the PCB board with small components or components. It seems a bit difficult in new applications. The application of laser technology on PCB cutting provides a new solution for PCB sub-board processing.
   The advantages of laser-cut PCB are the advantages of small cutting gap, high precision, and small heat-affected area. Compared with the traditional PCB cutting process, the laser-cut PCB is completely dust-free, stress-free, burr-free, and the cutting edge is smooth and tidy. However, laser cutting PCB equipment is not yet fully mature, and laser cutting PCB still has obvious defects.
At present, the biggest drawback of laser cutting PCB equipment is the low cutting speed, the thicker the cutting material, the lower the cutting speed, and the different processing speed of different materials. Compared with the traditional processing methods, the demand for mass production cannot be met. . At the same time, the hardware cost of the laser equipment itself is high. A laser cutting PCB equipment is about 2-3 times the price of the traditional milling equipment. The higher the power, the more expensive the price. If you use three laser cutting PCB equipment, you can reach a milling cutter. When the speed of cutting PCB equipment, the processing cost and labor cost will also increase greatly. In addition, laser cutting of thicker materials such as PCBs above 1mm, the cross section will have carbonization effects, which is why many PCB processing manufacturers can not accept laser cutting PCB.
   All in all, the current market for laser-cut PCB equipment has the disadvantages of high cost and low speed, which has led to the maturity of this market. Only mobile phone PCBs, automotive PCBs, medical PCBs and other relatively high-demand manufacturers are used. However, with the continuous advancement of laser technology, the laser power is improved, the beam quality is improved, the cutting process is upgraded, the stability of the equipment will be gradually improved, and the equipment cost will be lower and lower. The future application of laser cutting in the PCB market is worthwhile. look forward to. It will be another growth point in the laser industry.
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